Brooklyn McDougall

Long Track Speed Skater | 2022 Olympian | 2023 World Champion | National Champion

The Artist

When she is not speed skating, Brooklyn is an artist that specializes in watercolour, mixed media and digital art. 

Art has always been a large part of Brooklyn's life, and she has been lucky to grow up surrounded by amazing artists that have inspired her to create. Brooklyn's grandfather was a woodcarver, while her grandmother was a multi-media artist. Both of them encouraged Brooklyn to pursue art throughout grade school, including Advanced Placement art in high school. 

Throughout university, Brooklyn was very busy and took time away from art to focus on her BSc in Biology. Since graduating, art has become an integral part of Brooklyn's life, and a great balance for speed skating. 

Brooklyn has been commissioned by the Olympic Museum for the Paris 2024 Arts & Culture exhibit that will display her art during the 2024 Olympic Summer Games in Paris. This project will enhance the creative voice of Olympians and promote the Olympic values. For more information on the Olympian Artists Programme, check out this article.

If you are interested in following Brooklyn's art career, her Instagram handle is @srndpty_arts

For commissions and purchasing inquiries, email Brooklyn at

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